Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The axe won't come.

Jed passes the tree. He clocks the axe. He stops. Silent moments pass. Jed contemplates.

Well, I'll be.

Jed feels the handle: worn, smooth, warm, firm; ancient.

Well, I'll be.

Harriet passes the tree. She clocks the axe. She goes white as a sheet. Silent moments pass.  Harriet genuflects. Harriet frets. She bites her lip. Harriet hesitates: she over-reaches: feels the handle; Worn, smooth, warm, firm; ancient. Strong.

If feels like it's petrified. Harriet bites her lip. She feels like she's petrified. She lets go and stumbles back to the house. She's white as a sheet.

Ray passes the tree. Ray clocks the axe. He breaks out in a sweat. The sweat is cold. The fear is primal: the fear is old. A branch snaps; Ray looks up: there - through the trees, the dappled light shifts and divides. A glint flashes. A shaft of sunlight catches the broad brim of a hat.

Ray double takes: All is still.

Ray triple takes: a dark envelope of space in the foliage.

Ray backs down. Ray backs off. Ray runs back to the house.

Jesse passes the tree. Jesse clocks the axe. It. Is stuck firm. Jesse tilts the head. Jesse looks to the heavens. Jesse sees a way up. Jesse sees a way out.

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