Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The boys growing up

The babies grow up fast. They sprout like weeds. They grow up healthy. Harriet meets their needs. They're all over the place. The shack is simple and small. They scale every cupboard. They climb every wall. Money is tight, but love's on a bender. Jed is a maker; Harrier's a mender. The family is cramped. The family is squeezed. In the summers they melt. In the winters they freeze.

Raymond is light. He has eyes that shine and hair like a flock of golden angels. Raymond floats. Raymond suspends disbelief in animation and tells you he's bottled your dreams. Raymond compels you to buy. Raymond speaks easy and sings like a bird.

Jesse is dark. Black like a raven. Black like his mother. Black like the mood of unappreciated talent. Jesse anchors, grounds and brings down. Jesse is taut. He dwells. Words don't come easy, and he spends them carefully, like big bills that hit the counter hard.

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